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Specialist Suppliers to the Blast Cleaning and Protective Coating Industry.

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Company Stories

Blast-One is continually going above and beyond what most people would consider as ‘reasonable’. The below four stories are just some of the many times when our employees provided outstanding customer service!

It is stories like the ones below which inspire us to keep on doing what we do best…going the extra mile for our Customers!

We hope that you also are inspired by these stories and we would like to encourage you to spread these around to your colleagues and friends. You can easily do this by clicking here.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy reading!

Company Story #5

The following story hopefully demonstrates our Core Company Value #2 (Fast is better than slow) and #3 (Great just isn't good enough).

The call came at 6:30pm on a Saturday night; approximately 24 hours after our office was already "closed" for the weekend.  The customer phoned Blast-One saying he urgently needed 200 feet of 18" Ducting ASAP!  That's two pallets.  Two large pallets he (not wanted, but) NEEDED in Los Angeles Sunday morning.  The product, of course, was in our warehouse in Columbus, Ohio!


Company Story #4

At around 5:30pm on a Thursday afternoon a contractor 3 hours the other side of Melbourne phoned into Blast-One with a problem. The their only plural component airless sprayer had just failed - and they were racing to complete a crucial time sensitive project. They desperately needed another machine.

The only plural sprayer Blast-One had left was in Brisbane, 1500 miles away... The Blast-One "Quick Response Team" stepped into action.

By 6pm, the Plural sprayer was at the Brisbane airport, booked on the next flight to Melbourne. By 7pm, two Blast-One Product specialists were taking off from Adelaide airport, en route to Melbourne...


Company Story #3

A customer  called  late  on  a  Wednesday afternoon  urgently needing two  highly customized, double-chamber blast machines for use on-site the next day, at a huge blasting project on a Natural Gas Processing Plant, eleven hours drive away.

Blast-One only had the bare, unpainted shells in stock; no valves had been fitted up: not even the internal piping was installed...


Company Story #2

A customer working on a Hydro Power Station in Tasmania was having severe problems with trying to apply the coating inside a penstock with  their traditional painting equipment, so they called Blast-One, their usual supplier, in a desperate situation needing to urgently get hold of a plural component spraying machine.

Blast-One packaged up the large sprayer and started calling the airlines trying to find an aircraft which could fit a large piece of machinery weighing 1,500 lbs. At the same time, the Blast-One team fitted up two pallet loads of specialized hoses and accessories to customize the plural spray machine for this unique application at the Hydro Power Station penstock.


Company Story #1

Early on a Friday morning, a contractor doing work at a Power Station had severe production problems and they needed specialized 3" Bull Hoses urgently. Not  only did they need it fitted up, but it also had to be all water pressure tested to 1 1/2  times working pressure.

Blast-One had not sold this type of 3" Bull Hoses before, and did not have fittings on the shelf to fit it up. It was all hands on deck...

Six of the Blast-One team worked with the supplier of 3" Bull Hose - the customer needed 1,000 feet of hose, which meant 10 x 100ft lengths.

The supplier was unable to meet the deadline - each hose took approximately 4 hours to fit and test and there was only 24 hours to get it done! So six of the Blast-One team went down to the supplier's factory and proceeded to assist them to fit up the hose throughout the Friday afternoon and then went back early on the Saturday morning.