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Specialist Suppliers to the Blast Cleaning and Protective Coating Industry.
Blast-One International, Intergrity, quality, commitment and innovation.
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Rewards for Referral

Most of Blast-One’s customers have come to us because they have been referred to us by one of their friends or colleagues.

People who have experienced our phenomenal customer service and commitment to the industry talk about us to people they know, and those people become our customers.

We recognize this, and it is our desire to say thank you, and offer a small reward to you for doing this.

Blast-One will provide you with a $25.00 gift card for every company you refer to us. To redeem this, simply fill out the form below, and the gift card(s) will be mailed to the address provided. There is no limit to the amount of referrals, and no limit to the amount of gift cards you receive.

It is just our way of saying thank you.

The only requirement is that you confirm that you have contacted the people you are referring and they are happy for us to contact them.

Thank you for your loyalty to Blast-One – we look forward to extending our customer service to your friends and colleagues!