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Specialist Suppliers to the Blast Cleaning and Protective Coating Industry

Blast-One Products. A variety of products to solve any challenge, any time.


Blast-One® supply quality abrasives for Surface Preparation and Corrosion Control in many different industries including Oil & Gas, Mining, Structural Steel Fabrication, Water Infrastructure, Marine and Bridge Refurbishment work.

High Quality Abrasives are essential for surface preparation — "Your finished coating will only be as good as the Surface Preparation". Contamination in your abrasive will contaminate your surface as you blast - this means that any contamination in your abrasive could be detrimental to the quality of the coating.

When it comes to selecting the best abrasive for your application, Blast-One's team of technical engineers will help you analyze your requirements, including production and budgetary constraints. You will be amazed how the right choice of abrasive for a particular application can dramatically affect your bottom line on the project.

Australian GMA Garnet Abrasive is clean, safe, economical and environmentally responsible replacement for sand and slags.

Low Dust!

Tough, durable garnet grains produce far less dust when blasting. You can see better, work cleaner, and keep neighbors much happier.

Fast Blasting!

Each grain achieves more work, which means you move the nozzle faster and on many projects finish the job much sooner!

Use Less!

Low consumption means you buy less, load less, clean up less and consequently dispose of less.

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GemBlast Garnet

With its crystalline shape giving a fast cutting action and longer life span, Garnet is highly efficient and effective as an abrasive.

Crushed Glass

Recycled Crushed Glass grit delivers superior performance relative to mineral/slag abrasives. Crushed glass grit contains no free silica, is non-toxic and inert and contains no heavy metals typically found in coal and copper slags.

Crushed Recycled Glass Abrasive

Glass grit is lighter weight than many slags, allowing for increased consumption efficiency and production time – up to 30-50% less glass grit used. Crushed glass grit delivers very low particle embedment, which produces a whiter, cleaner finish.