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General Abrasives


Glass Beads (Glass Impact Sphere Abrasive)

Part# Description
STGB Glass Beads (Glass Impact Sphere Abrasive)


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  • Manufactured glass abrasive
  • Miniature, translucent glass spheres
  • Spherical beads impart a satin or matte ‘shot peened’ finish to the work surface
  • Widely used in hand cabinets for surface cleaning rather than surface etching
  • Can be recycled
  • Available Grades: A (850-600μm) B (600-425μm) C (425-250μm) AB (300-180μm) AC (250-150μm) AD (212-106μm) AE (150-90μm) AH (90-44μm) AI (<53μm) INDA (300-106μm)
  • MILSPEC beads also available
  • Packed IN55lb (25kg) bags

Health, Safety or Environmental Warnings

  • Glass dust generated by blasting may cause severe irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and throat with bleeding and discomfort
  • Check with your local Worksafe Authority Municipal Department and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) prior to use