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The Blast-One® Team of Production Blasters
High Performance Abrasive Blasting Systems

Blast-One® abrasive air blasting equipment is built for highest productivity, safety and dependability. The Blast-One® Blasting Systems use full flow piping, significantly reducing pressure loss. Quality valves and precise controls result in significant reduction in abrasive costs, minimization of downtime and reduction in clean up and abrasive disposal costs. These Blasting Systems feature Schmidt pneumatic or electric deadman controls and precision metering and control valves.

Blasters that can make your job easier!

The Blast-One® Blast Machines are built for continuous high production use. Extra cost has gone into lots of small details and additional features to increase production save you money in maintenance and make your Blasting job quicker and easier.

  • Lowest Abrasive Consumption
    The Schmidt™ Metering valves are recognized as the best valve for "grain by grain" abrasive metering. This accurate metering can allow your operators to perform the same task with much less abrasive.
  • Low Pressure Loss
    Blast-One® Blast Machines feature efficient full flow pipework and valving to reduce dreaded pressure loss to the lowest INThe industry. This keeps you blasting fastest!
  • Faster Acting Deadman Controls
    Concerned about safety? The Schmidt™ Combo Valve™ deadman controls is one of the fastest and most efficient valves of its type in the industry. A few extra seconds to shut down can mean the difference between an injury or not.
  • Lower Loading Height
    If you or your operators have to shovel or lift abrasive into the Blast Machine, you'll be glad to see that the BlastOne® Blast Machine range is nearly 6 inches shorter than an equivalent capacity 'Standard' Blast machine. This may just save your back! The extra large capacity dome holds extra abrasive ready for fast fi lling through the unique hemispherical pop up valve. The lower centre of gravity also helps make it safer and more stable.
  • Ergonomic Blast Machine Design
    For maximum stability the Blast-One® range is built with a sturdy base frame. Large semipneumatic wheels and solid handle makes it much easier to move around than 'standard' pots

Many Blasting operators have found they immediately halved the amount of abrasive they used, when they upgraded to using Blast-One® Blast Machine!

For many Blasting operators that easily equates to over $10,000 per year in abrasive savings alone. Plus, imagine the additional savings in pot filling time and clean up and disposal costs!

Blast-One® Production Blast Machine Specifications

ModelSpecified Capacity (app)Abbrasive Capacity (app)HeightLengthWidthFunction
GarnetSteelgritExcluding handleIncluding handleIncluding lifting lugs
Cu ftLiterskglbskglbsmminchmminchmminch
BMS 1.01.03070150120250810324601837014½Small blasting applications, touch up work, spot blasting
BMS 2.02.060140300230500126049½70027½54021Small blast rooms, Spot blasting
BMS 3.53.51002305003908501050*41½6302562524½Mobile contractors, Truck mounting, High production
BMS 6.56.518543095070015801195*47*8553378531High Production work, Easy to fill with large capacity
BMS 10.010.02856701500110024801500*59*8553378531Blasting room installation, 1-2 operators from one blast machine
BMS 20.020.00570135029502250490017256812004794037Blasting room installation, 2-4 operators from one blast machine
* Height fitted with Micro Valve. Add 6" (150mm) for Thompson Valve™