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High Voltage 'Spark Test' Holiday Detector

Part# Description
IND2166. High Voltage Holiday Detector -Specify required voltage
INT23615579 Pipe Testing Kit (rolling spring probe kit for pipes up 54" OD)
INT2362663B Probe Extension Piece 20" (500mm) - M12 MXF
INT2362666 Probe Extension Coupling Nut - M12
INT2363807 Right Angle Brush Probe 10" (250mm) - specify width
INTCERT2166 Pre-Delivery Test Certificate (only available with instrument)


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High Voltage ‘Spark Test’ Holiday Detector • Air bubbles, inclusions, thin spots, bridging, hairline cracks etc in coatings are defective weak spots with potential for propagation of coating breakdown and failure which will cause rust • A High Voltage Holiday Detector works by passing a high voltage through to the conductive substrate and activating an audible and visual alarm • With LEDs on the handle, as well as an audible alarm, it will clearly indicate if a spark (i.e. a film defection) is detected • Inter-changeable Probe Handles allow different voltages to be used • Used for testing non-conductive coatings over conductive substrates • Used in accordance with ISO2746, AS3894-1 Standards • Adjustable sensitivity • Variable voltage output depending on the handle supplied: 0.5 - 5kV, 0.5 - 15kV or 0.5 - 30kV • Accuracy ± 5% or ± 0.2 kV • Powered by internal 12 Volt rechargeable battery • Kit includes High Voltage unit, probe with 2 metre lead, band brush, 10 metre earth lead with alligator clip, padded work pouch, battery charger, instructions, and hard cover protective carry case • See Technical Reference Section to calculate working voltages for testing various coating types and film thickness • Please contact your Blast-One™ dealer for further details and specifications of probe types and options High Voltage ‘Spark Test’ Probe Accessories • Right Angle Probes – bristle brush or carbon rubber – for testing large, flat surface areas • Rolling Spring Probes – fixed size or adjustable kit – for testing the outside surfaces of pipe • Circular Brush Probes – radial bristle brush – for testing the inside surfaces of pipe • Band Brush Probes – standard probe type – for all general testing applications • Telescopic Probe Handle – not shown – for extended reach without ladders, scaffolding, etc.