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Pinhole & Porosity


Low Voltage Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector

Part# Description
IND2701 Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector 9 Volt
IND2702 Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector 67.5 Volt
IND2703 Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector 9 Volt and 90 Volt
IND2704 Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector 9 Volt, 67.5 Volt and 90 Volt
INT27016867 Standard Wand with Flat Sponge
INT27016960 Roller Wand and Roller Sponge
INT27016965 16 1/2" (420mm) Extension Piece
INT27016996 Earth Lead - 33ft (10m)
INT27018024 Wetting Agent - 1 2/3 fl oz (50mL)
INT27018191 Inspector's Accessory Kit (does not include main instrument)
INTCAL2170 Pre-Delivery Test Certificate (only available with instrument)


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Low Voltage Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector • Wet sponge method used for testing non-conductive coatings over conductive substrates • Test coatings up to 12 Mils (300 microns) • Used in accordance with AS 3894-2 Standard for coatings less than 10 Mils (250 microns) thick • Compact, hand-held unit • Four models for fixed or variable output • Audible pinhole-detection alarm • Powered by three AA batteries • Kit includes detector probe unit, earth lead with alligator clip and instructions • Please contact your Blast-One™ dealer for spare parts – sponges, batteries etc.

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