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Specialist Suppliers to the Blast Cleaning and Protective Coating Industry.

Blast-One Products. A variety of products to solve any challenge, any time.

Engineered Systems

Blast-One supply Blasting and Painting Equipment for Surface Preparation and Application of Protective Coatings in many different industries - including Oil & Gas Refineries, Mining, Water / Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Structural Steel Fabrication, Marine and Lead Bridge Projects.

Blast-One has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and testing of Engineered Systems including Blast Chambers, Abrasive Recovery and Recycling Systems, Airless Shotblast Equipment, High-powered Vacuum Recovery units, Rotoblast™ Pipe Blasting Machines and Dust Extractors. Building effective engineered equipment that performs is an "art" which we have continuously improved - you benefit from 60+ years of research and development.

Our experience in this industry will ensure you have a tailored solution to your requirements, and satisfied clients. Your profitability and efficiency are paramount in the technology offered to you. Our focus is to provide the equipment which will give you the lowest ongoing running and maintenance costs.

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