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Specialist Suppliers to the Blast Cleaning and Protective Coating Industry.

Blast-One Products. A variety of products to solve any challenge, any time.


Spray Booths

Booth Configuration Options:

  • Ventilation Bank Module
  • Ventilation Bank Module with side panels
  • Ventilation Open Fronted Enclosed Module
  • Tunnel Booth
  • Fully Enclosed Booth
  • Tunnel Booth

Filtration Options:

  • Dry Back Filter Banks
  • Waterwash Filter banks
  • Open Face Filter Banks

Handling Options:

  • Smooth floor (wheel in)
  • Trolley and track
  • Floor conveyor
  • Overhead conveyor
Spray Booth for large equipment

Retractable Spray Booth System

  • Ideal for spraying those hard to handle items.
    Simply move your work pieces into position and pull the spray booth around it!
  • Guarantees correct airflow within booth.
    Operator will have correct airflow and positive removal of VOC’s and other fumes.
  • Manufactured from Sturdy Steel Folding Frame and Heavy Duty Flame Retardant Clear Sheeting
  • System built to your requirements.
    Can be any height or width as required to suite your companys operations.
  • Simple and easy installation process.
    Installation is completely managend by Blast-One to insure that there is minimum impact to your buisness and that you will be oprational quickly.
  • Work area folds up to 16% of its original size
Retractable Spray Booth