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Garnet Abrasive

Garnet Blasting Media for Abrasive Blasting Applications

Garnet Blasting Media is now fast becoming the abrasive of choice for professional blasting contractors. Contractors who use Garnet Blasting Media correctly, and use the right type of Garnet Blasting Media, are smashing their competitors, project after project.

Here’s why they are winning:

  • Garnet Blasting Media is very low dusting. This is the principle reason why most contractors use Garnet. Blast-One Garnet is between 7.5-8.0 on the MOH Hardness Scale – this means that less particles breakdown on impact
  • Garnet is an Environmentally Responsible alternative to Slags – it does not contain lead, beryllium and other toxic substances found in slag
  • Garnet keeps the workers safe – if you are using Slag or Silica Sand you are exposing your workers to many dangers. Silica Sand is a #1 carcinogenic which causes Silicosis (cancer of the lungs). Ever seen someone with Silicosis? If you have, you will never ever allow the use of Silica Sand again – it destroys people’s lives entirely.
  • Garnet on average has around half the consumption of slag
  • Half the amount of abrasive used means half the amount of abrasive to clean up and pay to dispose of.
  • Garnet achieves a white metal blast effortlessly without embedment or surface contamination.

And that is just some of the reasons why contractors chose to use Blast-One Garnet Abrasive Media.

Abrasive consumption table

Yes, the initial purchase price of Garnet Abrasive is more expensive than Slag…where some people fail is that they assume that the cost of the abrasive alone determines what is going to be cheapest.

This is not really a failure, but really a misconception in the industry. If you want to really want to get ahead in the blasting business, you have to overcome this misconception.

On a blasting project of any significance, if you actually look at the cost of abrasive compared to the total job cost, it is extremely surprising to notice how small of a percentage the abrasive actually is of a total project.

Expense table Sla Vs Garnet

When choosing abrasive it is important to think about the following 2 areas:

  1. What will my blasting speed be with each abrasive?
  2. What will my hourly consumption be with each abrasive? (This will affect the material I purchase and get delivered to site, and also the disposal).

Consider the following:

A chainsaw is far more expensive than an axe, however tree felling companies who want to make a profit would never consider using an axe!

A machine gun is far more expensive than a set of bow and arrows, however the US Army would never conceive going to war with bows and arrows!

To assist you to calculate your actual blasting costs, we have developed a tool to assist you calculate your true cost of blasting – the True Cost Calculator.

But don’t try Garnet out alone!

Before we go any further, it is important to understand that you won’t make more profits by just ‘using’ Garnet! As in if you read this web page, and you would like to try using Australian GMA Garnet, if you just go and buy GMA Garnet, put it in your blast pot and start blasting you are almost guaranteed to fail!

As with most new technologies/products, success in using the product only comes from having experienced consultants assist you and train your teams.

The good news is that Blast-One Consultants spend their life doing this. With over 500 years of collective experience and knowledge gained from being involved in thousands of projects, our Project Consultants can really assist you maximize the profitability on your project when using Australian GMA Garnet.

Ask us about how this works.

Blast Nozzle with Garnet spreed
GMA Australian Garnet
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Garnet (Garnet Abrasive)

Garnet Abrasive - from Blast-One is the abrasive for acheiving the lowest cost per square foot for contractors globally