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Australian Garnet Abrasive – lower dust blasting and clean surfaces

Australian Garnet is a cost effective blasting abrasive which produces low levels of dust when blasting and attains an extremely clean blasted surface.

Commonly called ‘garnet media’ or ‘garnet sand’, Garnet Abrasive is fast becoming the preferred blasting media of many blasting contractors in North America. It is low dusting, fast blasting and has low consumption. As Garnet Abrasive has gained ground as a popular blasting media, other types of ‘Garnet’ have arrived on the scene, and if you are interested in purchasing Garnet, it is very important to understand the differences between ‘Garnet’ and ‘Garnet’.

People often talk oranges vs apples and that is definitely the case when talking about Garnet Abrasive.

Dustless blasting

There are physical structural types of Garnet – Alluvial Garnet and Almandine Garnet.

  • Alluvial Garnet is a mineral sand, and how you get it in the bag is how it was in the ground (all the impurities and other minerals removed obviously). Australian Garnet is in this category – it is low dust, is pink in color and has a ‘sub-angular’ shape which is perfect for blasting.
  • Almandine Garnet is a rock type mineral, and has to be crushed to be a suitable size for use when Abrasive Blasting. Also known as ‘hard rock garnet’ the crushing process puts minute facture lines in all the Garnet particles which means it is very dusty when blasting, and does not recycle very well. North American Garnet, Mexican and Chinese Garnet is mostly Almandine Garnet.

Alluvial Garnet and is widely recognized as the better Garnet for Blasting. It is important to understand that there are two main sources of Alluvial Garnet in the world, these being Australia and India.

Indian Garnet from the Bay of Bengal

Indian Garnet is mined from a 50 mile beach deposit near Tuticoran on the Bay of Bengal.

The Indian Garnet miners depend on monsoonal rains to wash soluble salts from the Garnet. (The material is mined from a beach deposit, so it is high in soluble salts). Unfortunately it is very difficult to guarantee low salt levels in Indian Garnet as there is no controlled wash process or batch traceability. Indian Garnet can have high dust levels and uncontrolled amounts of organic matter in it.

Indian Garnet is also a younger Garnet Abrasive geologically and has only had one weathering process (the wave action), so it typically is dustier to blast with (the soft edges which haven’t been weathered off break off and create a dust cloud) and the younger softer grains break down easier, reducing the recyclability.

Indian Garnet in general has these characteristics.

Blast-One does hold substantial inventory of Indian Garnet as it is a cheaper abrasive per pound/per ton, however we firmly believe that Premium Australian Garnet is not only the more efficient but is also more cost effective when considering the faster cleaning rates and reduced consumption rate.

Australian GMA Garnet from Western Australia

Australian Garnet is mined from an alluvial garnet deposit near Geraldton, Western Australia. Its geological age means that Australian Garnet has extremely low dust levels, and the advanced processing facility means the Garnet quality is more consistent with guaranteed low chlorides.

Spring water washed to reduce soluble salts to less than 10 ppm, scrubbed to remove dust generating calcium deposits, roasted to burn out any organic matter and double screened to ensure perfect consistency. Contact Blast-One about using Australian GMA Garnet on your next project!

Australian Garnet

Australian GMA Garnet is internationally recognized as a world-class premium blasting abrasive.

Here’s why you should use Premium Australian Garnet over any other type of Garnet available:

a) Oldest, toughest grains - Ultra low dust levels
b) Quality controlled like no other - Guaranteed low chloride levels
Your peace of mind and reputation
c) Even, consistent grading - Lower abrasive consumption
Predictable profile
Lower abrasive disposal costs
d) Large stocks - Blast-One has huge stocks of Australian GMA Garnet™ across North America, Australia and New Zealand
You get it when you need it.
e) Quality Packaging - Strong polyethylene, plastic lined, sealed bulk bags or 55lb bags.

But don’t try Garnet out alone!

Before we go any further, it is important to understand that you won’t make more profits by just ‘using’ Garnet! As in if you read this web page, and you would like to try using Australian GMA Garnet, if you just go and buy GMA Garnet, put it in your blast pot and start blasting you are almost guaranteed to fail!

As with most new technologies/products, success in using the product only comes from having experienced consultants assist you and train your teams.

The good news is that Blast-One Consultants spend their life doing this. With over 500 years of collective experience and knowledge gained from being involved in thousands of projects, our Project Consultants can really assist you maximize the profitability on your project when using Australian GMA Garnet. Ask us about how this works.

Blast Nozzle with Garnet spreed

OK, now let’s keep reading, it gets even more interesting!

History of Garnet Abrasive

Since the discovery of a large deposit at Port Gregory, Western Australia in the late 80’s, Blast-One has worked closely with Garnet Millers Australia (GMA Garnet) to promote Australian Garnet as a safe, productive and economical alternative to Silica Sand and Waste Slag Abrasives.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Initially we had trouble even giving the stuff (Garnet) away for free!!

Since 1988 Blast-One has spent millions of dollars working with thousands of blasting contractors to help them prove, at our expense, that Australian Garnet is a safe, productive and economical alternative to Sand and Slag Abrasives.

But what is just SO SPECIAL about Australian GMA Garnet?

Even for an ‘Old Hand’, there’s a lot more to a World Class Abrasive (Australian Garnet) than meets the eye.

Did you know?

Australian GMA Garnet grains have been subjected to a double erosion process? Unlike most Garnet formed on other continents (India), the Australian Garnet material has been subjected to a second era of high energy stream, beach and then high wind environments.

The result is a tougher and more durable grain which gives off lower dust levels.

Far from bucketing ‘pink sand scooped from a pit’, Australian GMA Garnet is passed through no less than all of these nine separation processes before reaching the Packing Stage.

Blast-One Hero Blastman
  1. Spirals Separation Process
    This process removes Silica Sand, Ilmenite and Rutile.
  2. Hydrosizer Process
    A washing process to carry off any unwanted light material.
  3. Attritioner Process
    In this process rubber paddles ‘beat’ the Garnet grains together to remove any Calcium from the Crystals.
  4. Double Spring Water Wash
    A long machine which double washes the material with water piped from 13 springs.
  5. Roasted
    In a Kiln Drier to remove any organic or bacterial substances.
  6. Air-washed
    To remove unwanted dust from the dried abrasive.
  7. Separated
    With very large rare earth magnets.
  8. Double Screened
    At a grade sizing to ensure you receive the right blend for maximum blasting speed and minimum abrasive consumption.
  9. Batch Tested
    For every hour of production.
  10. Packaged
    For dispatch to local and international markets

Did you know?

  1. Australian GMA Garnet has lower levels of soluble salts than any other Garnet in the world? This is a key reason why may players prefer Australian GMA Garnet. Soluble salts in Australian GMA Garnet average 5-10 ppm. (The ISO Standard requires less than 25 ppm).
  2. GMA has a traceable analysis of every tonne? There is a label on every Bulk Bag. This Batch Number relates to a sample of material at the Lab.

By using this Reference Number we can give you a Chloride and Sieve Analysis on any Bulk Bag of Garnet within 24 hours... complete accountability!

Availability / Product Delivery

Australian GMA Garnet is readily available in many of our warehouses across North America, Australia and New Zealand. Our logistics team is ready to organize an on-time delivery to your project site anywhere you need it in the world! Ask us for an estimated project cost now.

Ask Us, How This Works!