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GMA Garnet – the world’s premium Blasting Abrasive

Blast-One International is one of GMA Garnet’s largest garnet distributors in the world. With over 35 Garnet Abrasive distribution centers, Blast-One can supply Garnet Abrasive very quickly, efficiently and cost effectively to your project site.

Blast-One pioneered the selling of Garnet Abrasive as an effective abrasive blasting media back in the 1980’s. Back when the name ‘Garnet’ was only known as a gemstone, the founding fathers of Blast-One worked closely with the founders of Garnet Millers Australia (which is now known as GMA Garnet) to trial the use of Garnet Abrasive as an effective blasting media.

GMA Garnet and Blast nozzle

Now Garnet Abrasive is among the most common blast media’s used in the world! To find out if you could save money by using GMA Garnet, contact a Blast-One Project Consultant to have a project cost analysis created for you.

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As the use of Garnet Abrasive as a cost effective blast media caught on in the corrosion control industry in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, blasting and painting contractors began to realize that GMA Garnet had a unique ability to be recycled. Obviously the recycling of GMA Garnet was of huge benefit to blasting contractors, so Blast-One Management continued to work closely with GMA Garnet to design, develop and manufacture special recycling systems to be able to reclaim, recycle and reuse GMA Garnet.

GMA Australia Company Logo

The fist GMA Garnet Recycling Machines was produced in 1989 and was called the ‘MKV Garnet Recycler’. This was a very successful recycling machine and was installed in over 20 countries! The recycling of garnet abrasive is very difficult – to be used as a successful blasting media, all the dust needs to be removed from the used Garnet Abrasive, and refine the used Garnet Abrasive back to an almost new stage. Because GMA Garnet only breaks down around 10% on impact, refining used GMA Garnet back to an almost new stage is possible, however it does require special recycling machines which have been specifically designed to recycle GMA Garnet.

GMA Garnet Recycling Machine

The MVK Recycler was designed to be installed in a blast shed or stationary installation. However as the recycling of GMA Garnet evolved, blasting contractors needed machines to be used onsite and be portable, so Blast-One’s design team got back to work…the GMA Garnet COMBI Recycler was born.

The GMA Garnet COMBI Recycler is now the most popular Garnet Recycling Machine in the world, and has been sold to over 35 countries.

Many companies have tried to copy the Blast-One GMA Garnet Recycling Machines, but all have failed. No matter where you are in the globe, blasters will attest that no machine in the world will recycle Garnet like the GMA Garnet COMBI Recycler.

If you are interested in GMA Garnet, and would like to try it, the most important message for you is don’t try Garnet out alone!

It is important to understand that you won’t make more profits by just ‘using’ GMA Garnet! As in if you read this web page, and you would like to try using Australian GMA Garnet, if you just go and buy GMA Garnet, put it in your blast pot and start blasting you are almost guaranteed to fail!

GMA Garnet Recycling Machine

As with most new technologies/products, success in using the product only comes from having experienced consultants assist you and train your teams.

The good news is that Blast-One Consultants spend their life doing this. With over 500 years of collective experience and knowledge gained from being involved in thousands of projects, our Project Consultants can really assist you maximize the profitability on your project when using Australian GMA Garnet.

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