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Specialist Suppliers to the Blast Cleaning and Protective Coating Industry.

Blast-One Products. A variety of products to solve any challenge, any time.

Rental Equipment

Blast-One® rents Blasting and Painting Rental Equipment for Surface Preparation and Application of Protective Coatings in many different industries - including Oil & Gas Refineries, Mining Sites, Water / Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Shipyards and Lead Bridge Projects.

Blast-One® has a substantial range of rental equipment to suit any size job. Our rental fleet is one of the largest and we are constantly researching and developing the fastest and most cost effective way to do the job - with the latest technology equipment. The Blast-One® range of Abrasive Sandblast Equipment, available for rental, will save you 25% in labor and abrasive compared to standard equipment.

Reliability and Fast Technical support for equipment is imperative on any site project - Blast-One® has service technicians near you - we have the best support team in Australia. Guaranteed! Blast-One is there when you need help - 24/7.

Blast-One® Dust Collectors has an unsurpassed record in the industry, for cartridge life and performance. Recycling your spent abrasive has never been easier with the Combi™ Garnet Recycling System - it will get your dirty garnet the cleanest you have ever seen!