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Rentals: Dust Collectors

Mobile Dust Collection on Job Sites

Blast-One Mobile Dust Collectors

Blast-One Mobile Dust Collectors are available from 6000 cfm to 60,000 cfm. They have been designed to look good, be easy to transport, be easy to use and require low maintenance. Units are powered by diesel engines or optional electric motor.

Dust Collector

How do Dust Collectors work?

Dust laden air travels down the ductwork and enters into the dirty-air inlet plenum at the rear of the Dust Collector. Here the heavier particles drop out of the air stream. The air is then drawn through a large bank of specialized filter cartridges and dust is deposited on the outside of the filter cartridge. Filtered air passes through to the clean air plenum and is exhausted through the fan blower to atmosphere.

The cake of dust on the cartridges is dislodged continuously by a automatic reverse pulse jet. Dust drops into the hopper of the collector and is transferred by a screw conveyor to a conveniently located dust outlet for easy transfer to receptacle for disposal.

Mobile Dust Collector Features and Benefits

  • Ultra™ Filtration
    Blast-One Dust Collectors are fitted with teflon coated Ultra™ cartridges which give maximum surface area, and an amazing 99.998% removal efficiency for all dusts over 0.5 micron. This means you effectively capture hazardous dusts and meet clean air regulations and standards.
  • SmartPulse™ Cartridge Cleaning System
    The filter cartridges are reverse pulse cleaned using Maxipulse™ cleaning jets so that filters are cleaned from top to bottom. A SmartPulse™ Controller measures how dirty the cartridges are and only turns the pulse system on when required. This greatly increases the life of the filter cartridges.
  • Screw Conveyor Dust Discharge
    A built in Screw Conveyor discharges all collected dust residue into a sealed bag or drum for safe disposal. The operator simply moves a lever to open and the system empties into an EPA approved collection device.
  • Onsite Mobility
    Mobile Dust Collectors are built standard on a heavy duty skid base with retractable levelling legs. As an option they can be fitted with axle and wheels for towing around a site. To reduce crane and transport costs, many sizes can be fitted with a side loader transport kit which includes container twist lock corner points.

Why Mobile Dust Collectors?

There is growing Environmental concern with the dust generated by abrasive blasting. Many old coatings contain a high percentage of lead which when pulverized into powder by abrasive blasting can form a hazardous and toxic dust. Some projects are now requiring that a full dust-tight containment structure encapsulates all blasting operations to minimize danger to personnel and the environment.

A Mobile Dust Collector is used to give ventilation inside containment structures in order to maintain operator visibility and maintain the encapsulated area under a negative pressure. It is also important to dilute the levels of hazardous substances INThe air withINThe contained area to levels below the assigned protection factor of operator respirators.

Blast-One Mobile Dust Collectors incorporate a large fan to draw substantial volumes of air through the containment, and remove all dusts by Ultra™ Filtration.

High Suction Power

Blast-One Mobile Dust Collectors are designed for moving from site to site. Each site has its own challenges with access.

Do you have a tank or containment 100 meters away that you need to ventilate? No problem with a Blast-One Mobile Dust Collector, which incorporates a special high pressure fan that is designed to suck air along long lengths of ducting without significantly reducing air volume.

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