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Rentals: EBE Track Machines

Blastrac™ EBE™ Blast Cleaning Machines

Portable Airless Blasting Systems

The Blastrac™ EBE™ blast cleaning machines for steel surfaces are designed for Blast cleaning large horizontal or vertical surface areas.

Especially designed for use in Shipyards and INThe Petrochemical Industry replacing the use of traditional open blast cleaning operations. Working Principle of Portable Airless Blasting Equipment The working principle of Blastrac EBE equipment is based on the laws of kinetic and mechanical energy. The cleaning operation is performed by steel abrasive (grit or shot) being thrown at high velocity against the steel surface to be cleaned.

The steel grit or shot is thrown by an airless blast wheel rotating at high speed. The blasting zone is completely enclosed and the operation is dustless. After the abrasive has impacted the work surface in a high velocity stream, it rebounds back into the machine, taking the rust and old coating debris with it.

Inside the machine the abrasive is separated from the dust and debris. The abrasive is reused over and over again, while all dust and debris is removed and collected in a portable dust collector for disposal. This process is an on-going and automatic continuous operation.

This system recycles the steel abrasive hundreds of times with consumption around 0.2 - 0.5 kg per square meter blasted!

Horizontal Blast Cleaning Machines

Blastrac™ EBE™ Horizontal Blasting Units are specially manufactured for the Petrochemical Industry. They are designed to be easily disassembled and passed through a standard 600mm tank access opening for blasting tank floors. In shipyards these units can blast clean deck areas during normal maintenance programs or at sea without disrupting normal day to day operations


Vertical Blast Cleaning Machines

The Blastrac™ EBE™ Vertical Blasting Units are suspended from either a crane or a rigging system and operate in an up and down direction to clean and profile steel tanks or ship walls. They are remotely controlled from a mobile workstation.

A series of magnets pulls the unit against the steel work surface. This ensures that abrasive loss and dust emissions are kept to a minimum. The machine can operate in close proximity to follow-on painting procedures without loss of time. Rigging systems are available for cone, dome and floating roof tanks.