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Rentals: Large Blasting Packages

Mega-Blasters™ for Highest Productivity

Blasters that get the big jobs done!

Mega-Blaster™ Features

  • Safe industry design; features normally closed fail-safe valves and controls.
  • Designed to provide the industry’s lowest pressure drop, resulting in higher productivity.
  • Low maintenance design minimizes downtime.
  • 125 psi rated vessel; higher pressure systems available.
  • Ladder allows easy access to closure.
  • 10”quick- opening cam lock fill port requires less maintenance and provides for easier loading.
  • 18” x 12” man way for easy access.
  • Full-load lifting eyes for easier transport [not rated for steel abrasives].
  • Optional moisture separator for uninterrupted abrasive flow.

Major contractors around the country testify to the money saving benefits of Mega-Blasters™

“My blasters used to take their helmets off every 45 minutes during refilling and by the time they’d had a drink, 15 minutes was lost - each hour! Now we only stop for meal breaks!” – Contractor.

“We get 2 hours extra blasting every shift because the blasters don’t have to stop to refill anymore!” – Shipyard.

Blast-One® Mega-Blaster™ Specifications

ModelMounting VersionSpecified CapacityAbrasive CapacityHeightLenghtWidthFunction

cu ftliterstonnelbsmminchmminchmminch
BMS 75Skid7521005.0110002470972590102201079Truck moutning or high capacity blast room. 2 - 3 operators.
Trailer7521005.01100026501043530139239094Mobile site projects. 2 - 3 operators.
BMS 120Skid12034008.21800027701092770109201079Large site work. 2-4 operators.
Trailer12034008.21800029501163530139239094Large site work. 2-4 operators. Can be easily towed around yard.
BMS 160Skid160450010.82380029201152770109231091Very large site work. 2-6 operators.
Trailer160450010.82380031301233530139242095Very large site work. 2-6 operators. Can be easily towed around yard.
BMS 500Skid5001400033.17300058402302670105244096Large blast room. 4 - 8 operators
BMS 650Skid6501850044.49800070602782670105244096Large blast room. 6 - 8 operators
BMS 800Skid8002280054.712000082803262670105244096Large blast room. 6 - 12 operators

* Note: Capacity varies depending on which
abrasive is used. Abrasive used INThis
example is Garnet.

Blast-One® Mega-Blasters are designed to maximize the cost savings of volume production. These high productivity blasting systems feature multi-outlet Thompson Valve II controls that allow each operator independent control of his abrasive media flow. Mega-Blasters™ include the safety and performance features as the Blast-One® S Series abrasive Blast Machines. Standard Mega Systems include skid mount and trailer mounted systems. Custom designs are available to meet your specific requirements.

Why Use A Mega-Blaster™?

With conventional pots, the Blasting has to stop every hour or so to refill the Blast Machine. This ‘down-time’ during refilling adds up in inefficient operation. The Mega-Blasters™ hold enough abrasive for 2-4 operators to blast all day without stopping. Because the pot doesn’t depressurize and refill with compressed air during the day, it also greatly reduces moisture and condensation problems.

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