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Rentals: Moisture Removal


The High Volume moisture separator is added to the Blast System to assist in removing moisture without pressure loss. This AFMSH-800 is aided by a thick internal stainless steel demister pad to assist in concealing any moisture.

It is essential that you remove the moisture from your compressed air for efficient blasting. Moisture can cause your abrasive to clog, slow down your blasting speed and even cause your freshly blasted surface to rust. Blast-One® offer several optional moisture removal packages.

For highest efficiency and continual blasting in moisture prone areas, specialist operators recommend using the AirPrep™ Compressed Air Drying Systems.

Eliminate Costly Moisture Problems with an AirPrep™ System

A ‘must have’ for Specialist Blasters AirPrep™ − a high efficiency system to remove moisture from your compressed air.

If you are serious about production blasting, that is - continual production blasting to earn profits each and every day, you’ll need to invest in a serious moisture removal system. You should not underestimate the benefits of using cool, dry air for blasting. You can actually blast up to 15% faster! You never have to choke your Blast Machine, your abrasive metering valve doesn’t need constant adjustments - so you save money in abrasive.

This is a system, that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go to a site again without one. It really makes a difference - and can easily pay for itself withIN6 months!


  • Negligible pressure loss through system.
  • Skid mounted unit with fork lift pockets and full load rated lifting lugs for portability.
  • Compact rugged design with horizontal after cooler/heat exchanges. [works much more efficiently than vertical radiator]
  • Heavy duty protective bar grating over after cooler.
  • Large 8" x 6" inspection manway.
  • Pneumatic fan motor includes filter regulator, lubricator and muffler. Electric fan motor also available.

How can you increase profits using Dry Air?

Many Blasters who use AirPrep™ Moisture Removal Systems find that cool, dry compressed air actually blasts up to 15% faster. That’s like 1 hour extra blasting each 8 hour day, free!!

Dry air makes it much easier to control your abrasive flow. You almost never need to choke your Blast machine again. And by getting the abrasive metering just perfect many blasters find they use 25% less abrasive. Just by adding an AirPrep™ System to their Blasting package! [That also means cleaning up and disposing of 25% less abrasive] If you run air tools such as Graco Spray Pumps on clean dry air, they not only ice up less, they also require a lot less maintenance and last longer.

Compressed air is costly. Fuel, repairs, regular maintenance on compressors is a large expense for Specialist Blasters. An AirPrep system makes the most of your air investment by making the air work more efficiently.

Blast-One® AirPrep Air Drier Specifications

ModelCapacityHeightLenghtWidthWeightTo Suit Blasting Systems

ACS 2502501181170468653472528½123271Small blast machine.
ACS 40040018916006310003975029½355781Production blast machine and air tools (ie, Graco Pump).
ACS 75075035418007112004782532½5561223Production blast machine with 2-3 operators.
ACS 95095045020107915506195037½5701254Production blast machine with 3-4 operators.
ACS 1200120056620107916506595037½6601452Production blast machine with 4-6 operators.
ACS 1600160075521007917506995037½9252035Production blast machine with 5-7 operators.
Larger sizes available on request.
Contact your Blast-One® Agent for free advice on sizing Air Driers & Systems

How the AirPrep™ works

To remove moisture from warm compressed air (most Blasters use mobile diesel driven air compressors) you must first cool the air sufficiently to allow the water vapor to condensate into water droplets. Water droplets can then be removed from the air.

The AirPrep™ System is a unique design which efficiently removes moisture, with negligible drop in compressed air pressure. This is very important. (Every 10 psi lost at the nozzle decreases production by 15%). The hot compressed air initially enters an inlet pre-filter to remove oil and contaminants before going through a large oversized horizontal after cooler/heat exchanger. Here cooler ambient air is fan forced through thousands of aluminum cooling fins, which cools the compressed air down to near ambient temperature. This cooler air now contains a much higher percentage of water droplets converted from water vapor. The compressed air then enters a large expansion chamber and forced to rise through a stainless steel demister pad, which assists in coalescing remaining moisture. Water is drained regularly. The air exits cooler, cleaner and dryer to your Blasting System.

Where does all the moisture come from?

On any given day, the air all around us contains water vapor - usually expressed as Relative Humidity RH%. The higher the RH, the more water vapor held by the air we breathe. When your air compressor takes this air and compresses it to 100psi, it has to suck in 7 cu ft of free air to make 1 cu ft of compressed air! So you’ve got 7 times more moisture in any volume immediately!

As compressors generate heat by compression the air is hot and the moisture will stay suspended as vapor. But as the air cools down - in the hoses, in your Blast machines - it condensates into real water. That’s what can really cause you a problem, especially if it stops your abrasive flowing easily. But wet air is also heavier air and can be using up around 15% of its energy in carrying moisture through your system. Just when you wanted all that energy propelling abrasive at the surface! That’s why specialist operators claim that clean dry air blasts 15% faster.

What do others have to say?

“An AirPrep is just as important as the Blast Pot to take to our job sites” – Experienced Blaster.

“We have proved that AirPrep™ pay for themselves IN6 months. We’ll never go to a project without one” – Large Contractor.

“Even on a normal day, the AirPrep removes gallons of water from our compressed air. It’s amazing! It lets us use the leanest abrasive mixture” – Contractor.


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