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Rentals: Recycling Systems

Garnet Recycling Systems

To use your Garnet Abrasive over and over again...

Garnet Recycling Systems give you the ability to use your Garnet Abrasive over and over again for maximum cost savings. Abrasive consumption as low as 1.6kg Garnet per m2 have been reported by very satisfied customers with recycling. Recycling allows for greatly reduced abrasive purchases and reduced transport, handling and disposal costs.

The Garnet Recycling System can be accurately adjusted to achieve the optimum particle size balance for any particular blasting requirement. Recycling is done in a dry process. Wet or damp Garnet must be dried prior to reprocessing.

MK COMBI Recycling System

The Garnet Recycling System Model MK COMBI is a specially designed compact recycling system for the efficient cleaning and reprocessing of used Garnet for immediate re-use. The MK COMBI is a fully assembled unit with central lifting point for easy transportation and setting up on site. Only an electrical connection and compressed air supply are needed for immediate operation.

The MK-COMBI is designed to clean used Garnet. All trash such as cigarette butts, broken glass, paint flakes, welding rods, stones etc. are removed from the used Garnet. In addition the system will remove broken Garnet grains [fines] and dust particles from the used material. The system uses a dry cleaning process and all used Garnet must be totally dry for processing.

The MK-COMBI is a low maintenance and easy to operate system with adjustable controls for material flow and Airwash cleaning. The total throughput of the system is dependent on the degree of cleanliness of the used/dirty garnet and the degree of fines extraction required. Typical throughput capacity is up to 7 metric tonnes per hour.

Garnet Recycling System Specifications

ModelFunctionElectrical Power RequiredCompressed Air Required @ 100psiTotal Filter AreaMax. Through- put of used GarnetDucting to Dust CollectorAdjustment of Fines ExtractionHeightLenghtWidth

cfmsq fttons/hr

MKMSmall projects1 phase202262External ductingFully adjustable suction capacity and fines extraction3700*146250098180071
MKVBlast sheds3 phase254525-7External ducting330013026001023300130
MK CombiMobile sites3 phase306805-7Internal ducting43001653700146220087
*MKM can be installed in a pit.

Why Recycle Garnet?

Garnet is one of the world's most efficient blasting abrasives INTerms of high speed blasting, very low abrasive consumption, very low dusting and no adverse environmental or health impact. Because Garnet's grains are amongst the hardest and toughest minerals known to man, weathered and toughened over thousands of years, they do not shatter on blasting impact. Depending on surface hardness and nozzle pressure, typically only about ten percent of the Garnet grains break on impact, forming new sharp cutting edges thus maintaining most of their superior effectiveness and cutting ability even after many uses.

In Blasting Sheds, Field Blasting Yards and all other applications where the used Garnet can be recovered, Garnet can be very successfully recycled many times. Garnet Recycling Systems are designed and built to reprocess used Garnet for immediate re-use in blast sheds and field applications. The systems are of modular design and are easily set up and relocated. Garnet Recycling Systems produce exceptionally high quality reusable Garnet through a sequence of screening and vacuum extraction, utilizing Garnet's unique grain size and specific gravity characteristics.