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Rentals: Soft Media Blasting

Precision Media Blaster

Controlled blasting with delicate abrasives including plastic and very fine medias

The Precision Media Blaster (PMB) is a highly versatile system used for wet or dry abrasive precision air blasting. Blast pressure on the PMB is fully adjustable, allowing the operator to use low pressure for delicate jobs and higher pressure for more challenging applications.

The PMB can be used with a wide range of media, including sodium bicarbonate, aluminum oxide, plastic media, glass beads and even steel grit. A cone–shaped bottom and media vibrator ensure an even, uninterrupted flow of abrasive, regardless of media type. Normally closed, fail–safe valves and controls promote safe operation.

With the PMB, an operator can use one system for a wide range of applications: to clean a surface of grease and oil, remove a single layer of paint or strip off paint down to the substrate in one easy step.

PMB Blast Machine Features and Benefits

  • Thompson Valve™ II abrasive metering system includes cleanout feature and tungsten carbide key slot sleeve for long wear life and accurate metering.
  • Three pressure gauges monitor inlet, tank and blast pressure.
  • Optional remote abrasive cut off starts/stops media flow from the blast nozzle while continuing airflow.
  • Air–driven media vibrator ensures even abrasive flow.
  • Union end ball valve allows easy maintenance without removing media from Blast Pot.
  • Normally closed controls for safe operation.

Soft Media Blasting System for dry blasting in areas sensitive to dust

Soft Media Blasting Technology

This is a revolutionary approach to Surface Preparation, Radioactive Decontamination and Industrial Cleaning using soft sponge particles.

Soft Sponge Media expends its energy upon impact on the surface and ‘sucks’ the dust into its open cell structure and then falls within feet of the operator, ready to be recycled. This technology can be used in any cleaning application when dust is an issue. Soft Sponge Media can safely remove paint, rust, and grease [without using liquids] from various substrates including concrete, steel, brick, and rubber. By selecting the correct media, surface profiles up to 80 microns can be achieved.

Engineered Sponge Media Blast System

A specially designed Blast Machine and Recycling System has been developed for soft sponge cleaning. The blaster has a very large media inlet and a vertical auger for precision metering of media into the compressed airstream.

Media Selection

steel grit) right media for the job on hand.

Surface Activity Comparison