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Rentals: Vacuum Blasting Systems

Portable Blast and Recycling Systems

Many projects are now requiring that open blasting be controlled or even abandoned because of dusts that are offensive. Vacuum Blasting is an ideal alternative for some projects. Vacuum Blasting encapsulates and immediately retrieves dust, residue, coating and blast media at the Blast n Vac™ work head.

Blast and Recovery System

The BRS is a combined Blasting and Vacuuming machine for use with a Blast n Vac™ work head.

The BRS incorporates a Blast machine, eductor vacuum pump, Cyclonic Separator and Dust Collector into one compact package which can be easily transported from site to site or within buildings. This portable system can be used with a wide range of abrasive media to remove coatings and hazardous materials.

Blast n Vac™ Workheads

These rugged workheads carry an internal blast nozzle and vacuum suction port. The integrity of operation relies on the operator maintaining the nylon brush seals in contact with the work surface at all times. These Blast n Vac™ workheads are a light weight, yet rugged design for production blasting.